Beginners Courses


This course is aimed at complete beginners or those wishing to brush up on the basic techniques.

We aim for all beginners to complete 5 projects during the eight week course. All beginners will start by making a simple band ring. Once this is complete the student will progress through 4 further projects, which have been meticulously designed to ensure that the fundamentals of jewellery making at the bench are covered in depth.

If the 8 week course does not suit your schedule we can ensure that the same syllabus is covered in Sunday classes.


  • Simple band ring
  • Domed and textured earrings
  • Pendant or keyring piercing project
  • Introduction to cabochon stone setting
  • Pillow pendant

Techniques covered in the beginners projects

  • Marking out
  • Sawing
  • Filing
  • Annealing
  • Soldering
  • Forming and shaping
  • Hammering
  • Refining and Finishing
  • Polishing
  • Adding texture to metal
  • Using rolling mills
  • Drilling

What do you need to bring?

You will probably want to consider bringing along the following items: a sketch/note book and pencil, closed toe shoes, a band to tie long hair; an apron if you wish, or clothes that you don’t mind getting slightly dirty.


We provide everything you need for you first project, including copper or gilding metal. If you would prefer to use silver for any of your projects we can provide this at an additional charge.

After the first class you will need to provide your own materials. We can provide Starter Packs which include the following basics: sawblades, solder (hard and easy), emery paper (a selection of grades), a sketch book and pencil, rectangular and round finishing buffsticks at a charge of £15 per kit.

Please contact to us to order your St Albans School of Jewellery Starter Pack in advance of your class.

What’s next?

We find that most students continue onto the next term in order to develop their skills and explore further projects, which may include working on their own designs.

How do I enroll in a class?

Please contact us for the details of forthcoming scheduled classes and availability.